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Miraval Resorts & Spas

Commitment to Sustainability

Miraval Resorts’ mantra of mindful living is echoed in all it offers from programming to practice. 

When we talk about mindfulness at Miraval Resorts, we are describing a conscious approach to being in the present moment. In other words – being right here, right now. But being mindful also means having an elevated awareness of the space surrounding us and our relationship to it.

It’s a purposeful way to examine our potential and our engagement with the outside world.

NEW IN 2023

Renewable Energy Certificates

Miraval Resorts’ 100% renewable electricity is powered using Green-e® Energy certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match our properties’ electricity use. As a result, 100% of the hotel’s electricity is renewable.


FloWater Stations

Flo Water Stations are located throughout each Miraval property for our guests and staff to utilize with easy access. Guests are provided a reusable water bottle at check-in that can be used during their visit.

Soma Filtered Water Carafes

SOMA Filtered Water carafes are in each Miraval Resorts guest room. In the refrigerator of the room, guests will find local, purified water re-imagined using SOMA. Not only have they designed a beautiful product with no plastic waste, but they also keep us sustainable with a natural, biodegradable filter.


Miraval Resorts Animals

Each Miraval location is home to many animals, including rescued horses, donkeys, chickens, ducks, owls, hawks, and bee colonies. We provide wellbeing experiences for guests to meet animals at each location and help them learn, connect, and honor each of them.

Miraval Austin's

Cypress Creek Farm

Miraval Austin’s culinary team is committed to using 100% produce from their onsite farm, including microgreens, eggs, lettuce, apiary, and other seasonal ingredients.



Miraval Resorts uses biodegradable, renewable, and compostable Eco-Products in the cafe & bar for grab-and-go snacks and for any to-go items, including straws. All products are made from plant-based, 100% renewable resources.


Life in Balance Spa

The Life in Balance Spas uses 90% natural and organic products. Our emerginC products support the PLANT- IT 2020 movement, where Emergence C plants an indigenous tree 1:1 in a non-harvesting location for every one product sold.

A Fine Balance

Composting & Food Waste

Miraval Berkshires installed an onsite composting system through the Bokashi composting method. Colleagues are trained in the process of composting food waste in 55-gallon drums into Bokashi tea, where it can be sprayed on soil. Miraval Austin composts food waste to Organics By Gosh, green waste that turns into food for chicken at Cypress Creek Farm, while Miraval Arizona’s food waste is collected and recycled into compost to support the onsite garden.

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